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The Texas Revolution essay

The Texas Revolution essay The Texas Revolution essay The Texas Revolution essayHistorically, the territory of contemporary Texas once used to belong to Mexico, however, as soon as the proportion in population changed towards the dominance of the American frontiersmen by the middle of 1830’s, and by that time, their rights were no longer respected properly by the conservative Mexican authorities, the emergence of the national liberation movement was inevitable. At the same time, one of the questions history doesn’t have yet a complete answer to, is how exactly the revolutionary forces that were several times weaker than the Mexican army could eventually win the war of independence. In this paper, the author claims that the reasons for that go far beyond military tactics applied by the Texans on the final stages, in particular after the loss in the Battle of the Alamo, but, not least of all, consist in the underlying social and political miscounts of the Mexican government.IntroductionIn the early 19th century, Texas was pa rt of the Mexican state of Coahuila y Tejas, a sparsely populated territory that was intensively developed by American slave-owning planters. However, in the course of its development and growing significance, the region became less tolerant of Mexican government initiatives, which by the 1830’s led a policy oppressing the rights and freedoms of migrants. As a result of separatist sentiment, Texas independence war began in October 1835 and ended in victory for the Texans over the Mexican army at the Battle of San Jacinto April 21, 1836, despite the fact that the parties’ forces were not equal throughout the course of the revolution (Hardin, 57-59). Thus, at some stages, the Mexican army exceeded the Texas guerrillas’ army by 5-6 times, and the rout of the Texans at the Battle of the Alamo was expected to break the resistance. Despite this, the strengthening of dictatorship of the Mexican government, the growth of Santa Anna’s army brutality, and major mis counts in social policies had the opposite effect, contributed to increase in Texas protest moods as well as made the national liberation movement resistible and mighty to counteract the Mexican army to the level the latter was not prepared for (Johnson, 46).The course of the Texas War of IndependencePrehistorySince its independence in 1821, Mexico received a legacy of vast areas in the north with a very low population density, and the country faced the problem of their colonization and protection of the new boundaries. Thus, in 1825 the state legislature of Coahuila and Texas passed a law which enabled the settlers from the United States to obtain land plots at low cost with payments to be made in installments, as well as tax exemption for ten years. Number of colonists increased rapidly, and by the mid 1830’s more than 30,000 Americans lived in Texas, whereas the actual Mexican population counted 7,800 people (Lack, 24-25).However, in 1829 during presidency of Vicente Guerr ero in Mexico a law was passed abolishing slavery of blacks, which was common among American settlers. Furthermore, in 1834, through a military coup President-General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna established the dictatorship. According to historian Alan Huffines, Santa Anna deliberately carried out several liberal reforms and supported the idea of federalism to win the supporters and come to power. However, having seized power, Santa Anna dismissed Federalist Vice President, disbanded Republican Congress and the state legislature, dismissed all the members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Mexico, and overturned the liberal constitution of 1824 allowing Mexico’s states to settle internal governing issues individually (Huffines, 34-36). In particular, the local legislative council in Monclova was disbanded leaving the Texans without their government representatives and without their own local government which was also disbanded. In addition, under the new laws, the English-speakin g population of Texas had to pay higher taxes than the Mexicans; the government ran the policy of expulsion of immigrants and attempted to take planters’ lands.Fearing protests in Texas, Santa Anna also adopted a decree on disarmament of the population of Texas despite the constant threat of Indian and bandits attacks in the region. Texans made numerous attempts to negotiate with the dictator peacefully, but Santa Anna interpreted any proposal by the Texans as an attempt to revolt, the ambassadors were thrown to prison and Santa Anna’s placemen in the region increased the pressure on the population suppressing any discontent by force of arms (Manchaca, 35-38). Such a situation could not last long, and the outbreak of revolutionary moods was now inevitable. According Huffines, Mexicans did not consider the specifics of the formation of the American nation differing a lot from theirs. Thrust in achieving the goal, Americans are used to cope with difficulties that confron t them. It is possible that the Mexicans simply were not able to timely assume that if all these enterprising and courageous people turned against them, it would have been extremely difficult to cope with them (Huffines, 41-42). In 1835 the Texans having lost hope for the return of the liberal constitution, rose to fight for Texas independence, despite the obvious disparity and lack of a professional army.Measuring military forcesEarly stages. Clash of 150 Texans under the command of John Henry Moore with a detachment of Mexican cavalry (100 people) near the town of Gonzales October 2, 1835 is considered the official start of the war for Texas independence. Initially, the Texans did not have a regular army, their guerrilla squads consisted exclusively of volunteers. Despite this, they have successfully and consistently established control over a number of cities. For example, 90 Texans under the command of Stephen Austin won October 28, 1835 at the Battle of Concepcion over 450 Mexi cans (300 dragoons, 100 infantry, 2 cannons), with only one Texan killed, while the Mexicans lost for various data, 14-76 people killed. October 9 Texans captured a small town of Goliad, where December 10 the declaration of independence of Texas was proclaimed (Robinson, 87-88).One of the reasons for early wins of Texan rebels was the use of hunting rifles that fired at distant targets much more efficient than outdated Mexican muskets Brown Bess. In addition, the siege tactics they used was effective as well. In particular, October 12 Steve Austin’s squad (about 600 Texans) besieged Mexican town of San Antonio de Bexar that was defended by 1200 soldiers of the Mexican army under the command of Kos (Procter, 51-55). December 11 Mexican garrison suffering from a lack of provisions surrendered; Mexican artillery (19 cannons) and Texans got big part of handguns. Later, Jameson noted that with this artillery Texans could defend against the forces ten times superior.However, after the insurgent army expelled all Mexican troops from Texas, many Texas settlers deserted from the Texas army as they were not ready for a long campaign. Since the battle at Bexar the Texas army got a lot of newcomers who recently arrived in the region, primarily adventurers from the United States, to help the colonists gain independence. These volunteers were formed into two regiments of regular Texas army. According to historian Alwyn Barr, their presence pushed Mexicans to the conclusion that the Texan resistance was fueled by outside forces. Angered by the thought of the American intervention in Mexican affairs, Mexican President Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna personally led a new invasion trying to regain control of the area. It is worth noting that due to the hasty preparations the invasion force, called the Army of Operations, initially consisted primarily of inexperienced recruits, conscripts and convicts. As a result, the Mexican troops had reached the number of 6,000. At the sa me time, Santa Anna ordered the Mexican Congress to authorize the army to handle any foreigners fighting in Texas as bandits, i.e. they were subjected to immediate execution. That moment made a turning point in the war marked by extreme brutality of the Mexican army (Barr, 34-36).The Texas Revolution essay part 2

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Critical Thinking questions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Critical Thinking questions - Essay Example Financial accounting and managerial accounting basically have the same function but their end results are different. The main difference between the two is that financial accounting is conducted and processed so that information can be made available to third parties that are outside the organization. These reports are basically created over a half yearly or annual period and they are reviewed as per the fiscal year. Managerial accounting is more centered towards decisions that have to be made within an organization. The data and information procured during this process is used by the managers of a business or company. The reports that are created under managerial accounting are for a shorter period of time for example a week, a month or even everyday. Financial reports are used by people who may want to invest in the firm or sell the stocks or shares, where as managerial reports are needed for the smooth running of the firm. Financial risk and financial return can be called siblings in a sense. When an investor is putting capital or money into stocks, bonds or generally putting money into a firm he is taking a considerable risk because there is always a chance that he may lose the money that he has invested. Financial return on the other hand is the profit that the same investor would get from his investment. The amount or significance of the return is dependent on the risk i.e. the lower the risk taken, the lower the return will be and the higher the risk taken the higher the return would be. There is always a potential for higher returns based on the risk being a success or failure, if it results in a failure then there will be no returns. The U.S. health care system is made complex by the different types of networks that are created around providers, payers and patients. Pharmacists may play an important role; however, this role is interlinked with many other professionals. â€Å"Pharmacists are intertwined into a web of

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NTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

NTERNATIONAL SUSTAINABLE BUSINESS - Essay Example This study will analyse the usefulness of a sustainable product in the market and the method of producing that product in a sustainable way. The study will also show the marketing approach that will be necessary to use in terms of distribution, design and its effect to the environment. Dixie chemical company is located at Bay Area in Pasadena and aims at creative chemistry as well as being committed to its customers. It deals with research and development projects, quality control and a pilot plant that is capable of maintaining good processes in production units around the area. Being part of the American Chemical Council (ACC) the above company has been ranked as the best in both manufacturing of quality products and marketing products of high purity and pharmaceuticals (Holmberg and Robert 2000, p. 300). The company is involved with offering various services to its customers that include the provision of products information about the technical use of the product and how to use the end product in a unique way. The company also manufactures products that customers prefer for instance after a contact has been made between the client and the producer for this to happen, there have to be built confidence between the two parties. The company also helps in producing fuel at a low price which leads to less pollution to the environment. Atomic Company mostly concentrates on the production of chemicals and their by products. Nuclear power plants have recently been so useful since one needs to use a small amount of fuel as compared to other types of fuel. In the nuclear reaction, processes are conducted depending on the type of fuel produced. This process needs enough care to avoid polluting the environment through radiation gases. Use of these power plants has continuously gained competitive advantage in the market as its products are cheap and do not cause and pollution to air or water. Last month the

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Drugs State Control Essay Example for Free

Drugs State Control Essay A drug is any substance that alters the normal biological functions of the body. Production of Illegal drugs is normally prohibited and their use is strictly controlled because they can lead to addiction or habituation. Drugs such as heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, and marijuana can be extremely dangerous if wrongly used and beneficial if put into correct use. The issue of drug use and misuse has posed a serious real problem. Prohibition of drug use has been at the center of discussion in various countries across the globe. Since this drugs are now on the hands of the nastiest criminals all over the world, control and regulations are necessary. The only remedy to this menace is full legalization accompanied by appropriate controls. I fully support the motion that drugs should be legalized since prohibition will deny the authorities the chance to educate the children on proper use of the drugs (Gargaro). The ongoing debate on legalization of drugs is asking the government whether it will help in solving drug problems appropriately. If I were asked a similar question, I would say yes. This is because the current prohibitions on drugs are just mopping up the problem and not providing real solutions. Legalization and taxations are the only ways through which real solutions can be achieved. Just think of this situation; at least every year in Britain, criminals control billions of pounds in the drug industry instead of the government and traders through the black market. This kind of business has encouraged global terrorism, illegal munitions trade, control on prostitution, and sexual slavery. Almost half of all the criminal offenses committed in the country are drug related. Couldn’t reducing these crimes free our legal services and prisons at least for a moment? Unnecessary prohibitions on drug use has led our children into committing drug related crimes, and this has denied them the much needed advice on drugs, besides undermining our respect for the law. The government should therefore take the obvious step, put all the drugs state control, and impose legislation and taxes on their sale. This will relieve our country the burden of staggering under unnecessary prohibitions (Gray). Prohibitions on drug and substance abuse such as alcohol have been in place since the 1920s in the US and other developed countries. It has made people believe that taking it is a criminal activity, which can land someone in jail. The ill effects of the drugs and alcohol are so adverse such that no sane person could like to be associated with them by using the drug. So many people are convinced that these effects are harmful, and have successfully restrained from the habit. It is good to establish such a law in the society, and most government has effectively controlled drug abuse since time immemorial through prohibitions. For example, the alcohol prohibition act of the 1920s proved effective because cases of alcohol consumption greatly dropped even though it did not succeed in eliminating the alcohol. The rate of crime and drunkenness dropped and taxes were reduced by putting the offenders in jail. Minor crimes such as vagrancy, public indecency, and disorderliness have been successfully eliminated use to these prohibitions. This is enough prove that this method really works (C.S). Prohibition of drug use in countries such as the United States, Britain, and other parts of the larger Europe has proved to be futile and the war on drugs in these societies has caused multiple harms to the users. Since prohibition is aimed at increasing price and penalty of a serious drug habit, it makes it unaffordable for most individuals. Penalizing the use of the drugs drives the law-abiding individuals into the criminal market economy. Criminalizing users and prohibitions exposes them to health risks that could have otherwise been avoided. In addition, it doesn’t make sense to criminalize some drugs while providing a free market to others. This distracts attention from legal to those that a re harmful but legal, such as alcohol. The prohibition on drugs has never and will never work. This attempt of trying to deny people their right of doing what they want with their bodies is doomed to fail as long as the person using the drug does not harm his or her neighbor. The current method that has long been used to fight the drug war is very expensive and has not yielded any meaningful results. It is a simplistic solution that has all along failed to recognize the complexity surrounding the problem. It has also been oblivious of the dangers a drug has on the individual. Full scale legalization of the drug act will enable the state to educate the public on risks associated with drug use, and how such problems can be taken care of. While there is a possibility that the act of legalization of drugs will attract more users, their lives will be much healthier and safer. Let us not get speculative here, since we are aware of people who used to take drugs but still leading healthy lives. For instance Barrack Obama to have taken Cocaine (Hope). The common myth surrounding the whole idea of legalizing drugs is that it will make people law abiding citizens, and enable the government to tax the industry. However, I am not sure whether the cartels will be naà ¯ve enough to allow the government takes over such a lucrative business. If the cigarette market has been able to evade the government’s taxing system, what about this industry that has an elaborate network of producers and illegal suppliers in the market? Legalizing and taxing drugs as some argue is not a solution to the drug menace in the world today. The reason is that the black market will be given an easy path to groove is because the act will be made socially acceptable. It will be much easier to take these substances to the market under the legalization act as opposed to government regulated outlets. This would also increase funding for the crime because the drugs will be easily accessed by users who can in turn lure non-users since there are no laws prohibiting the act. What are the results? The drugs will circulate in the society, destroy more lives, tear families, and cause people to be violent. Even if the current war on drugs is not effective, legalizing drugs is much worse and should not be passed into law (James). Conclusion The war on drug has brought more harm than good, and the policy on drug use has failed to protect the people it is intended to. In Mexico alone, the war on drug policy has claimed close to 14,000 lives since 2006. This figure does not however include those people who have been traumatized, maimed or displaced. Prohibitions on drug use have resulted in wars between the authority and the users in most cities across the world, and this battle seems not to be coming to an end any time soon. The war on drug should therefore, be stopped and pave way for the government to impose control measures and legalize the whole business. I support this motion because I believe that the outcomes of such a move would be beneficial, both for the state itself and in the fight against global drugs crime.

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Retinitis Pigmentosa Essay -- Health, Diseases, Vision Loss, Blindnes

The study proposed herein aims to accomplish the following: To determine the optimal exposure, gamma, contrast, and brightness corrections necessary to increase the perceived contrast of images by individuals affected by Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) and to determine the optimal image overlay of input signals corrected at both high and low thresholds such that perceived contrast is maximized. Additionally, this study will develop an I/O system of minimal necessary size responsible for image processing following image acquisition from micro cameras that will output post-processed image data onto small, high resolution LCD/LED screens contained in a wearable binocular device similar to commercially available home theater glasses. Lastly, this study aims to expose a cohort of individuals affected with Retinitis Pigmentosa to a series of images, environments, and scenes typically difficult for RP affected individuals to observe and distinguish due to color similarities and decreased contrast and brightness; and subsequently assess the effectiveness of the wearable prosthesis based on the accuracy of object identification both with and without the device. SIGNIFICANCE: Vision loss affects millions of people worldwide. According to a 2002 survey by the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately 37 million individuals worldwide are totally blind, with 124 million having low vision. The WHO defines low vision and blindness as varying degrees of loss of visual acuity and visual field loss, relative to the better eye, with optimal correction. Blindness affects both genders, with individuals over 50 comprising 82% of the blind population. Causes of blindness vary, with approximately 60% being due to cataract and refractive errors which are... ...and RP1 (Ziviello 2005). More complex mechanisms for RP development have been suggested, such as mutations in carbonic anhydrases. Because photoreceptors have high metabolic needs, acidic metabolites resulting from aerobic and anaerobic respiration, such as lactic acid, are produced in large quantities by these cells, and as such necessitate removal to maintain pH homeostasis (Alvarez 2007). This is inherently troublesome due to the avascular nature of the retina. This function is instead performed by the choriocapilaris, and is reliant upon the activity of multiple enzymes such as carbonic anhydrase four (CA4). CA4 thereby helps to maintain pH homeostasis which is critical to the health and proper functioning of the photoreceptors, with CA4 mutations compromising this regulatory ability, resulting in photoreceptor degeneration, and subsequently RP (Alvarez 2007).

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Does Winning the Lottery Cause Happiness?

Does winning the lottery cause happiness? Playing the lottery is easy- but winning is more of a challenge. Playing the lottery is all about luck- How lucky are you? Money is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. We need money to support ourselves and our families. The lottery has been a popular way for people to â€Å"get rich quick† for many years. Buying a lotto ticket is cheap and easy- hoping that you are the lucky winner is a great form of entertainment for people who have big hopes and dreams.The lottery is played by every economic and social class, from the lower class to the upper class. The lower class often play the lottery in order to win money so they can provide more for themselves, a lot of the time these people don’t win a lot of money or win no money at all, this will cause unhappiness and a feeling of regret for wasting money on playing the lottery; instead could have used that money to buy their essentials needs for example food. Winning the lotter y is everyone’s wish.From winning a couple of thousand rands to millions- is everyone’s biggest wish. Winning the lottery is definitely a blessing but there are those who don’t have the financial management skills to make their money grow and they often end up blowing away all their money in bad decisions. At first people often splurge on expensive and luxurious assets such buying a home, their dream car, go on a vacation or even open up a business that they have always wanted.This makes these people very happy. People often spend all the money they have won and then in the end they do not have the money to maintain these expensive assets. These people then start going into debt and start taking out loans that they will never be able to repay and therefore get into a crisis- causing unhappiness. These people in turn then have to start selling off the assets that they have bought in order to pay off these debts, in the end, left with no money and no assets.Playin g the lottery is a form of gambling- people who play a lot, often become addicted and spend most of their days playing, hoping that they will win money – but excessive gamblers can lose all of their possessions if they do not have a lot of money and start selling their possessions in order to gain money to play. I believe that money can’t buy happiness unless you know how to manage your money. Many people are content when they win money as they can now please themselves with what they have always wanted- if people do not know to grow their money, save money and manage their money- this will cause misery and stress.

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Essay about Coral Divers Resport - 999 Words

Coral Divers Resort Introduction Mr. Jonathan Greywell is contemplating a business decision in which there are four realistic options. He is the owner of Coral Divers Resort, located in the Bahamas on the island of New Providence. He caters to customers looking for a resort package that includes diving. This case discusses a decline in revenues for the three-year period of 2005-2007. His options include: selling the resort, partnering with another business, focusing on higher margin business, or improve his current business to be more competitive. Selling Coral Divers Resort The most significant reason to sell the business is the declining revenues. However, Greywell would need to find another means of income such as another†¦show more content†¦Another factor to consider in making this decision is whether Rascal’s is worth the 30% commission. The fees for families (i.e. more people per room, etc.) when compared to the operation expenses keep the profit margin the same with the added benefit of a unique identity in the market. Higher Margin Adventure Diving Adventure diving generates a higher margin and therefore it is a good idea for Greywell to consider adding it to the mix of dive offerings. However, it cannot be considered without weighing the risks involved. Coral Divers Resort has an excellent reputation and careful consideration should be given as to how to protect this intangible asset. Adventure dives would need specifically trained and experienced dive masters. Simply training existing employees might pose an additional risk since they aren’t too excited about diving with sharks and also lack experience that might be helpful for safety issues. Within an hour’s distance away, competitors are already a part of this market and bringing in $115 per adventure dive which is $50 above the regular dive experience. An additional $600 per week can be earned on two days per week with an average of 6 customers each of those days. Despite hiring or training costs and additional $31,200 in revenue can be generated, after the expenses for shark food and the special dive suit. Perhaps more adventure dive business is possible, yet this